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AxTrap 291

  • Description:AxTrapTM - Mercury Series - Mercury removal from Gas streams
  • Characteristics:Proprietary
  • Shape:Trilobe Extrudates



AxTrap 291 is designed with a brand new shape especifically efficient for mercury removal from gas streams. It is highly suited for Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and offshore platforms and is highly recommended for natural gas treatment upstream of cryogenic equipment.

Based on a metal sulfide active phase, it has been engineered to offer the highest mercury pick-up capacity with the following benefits:

  • Excellent mass transfer properties thanks to a unique very latest generation of catalyst supports. The optimized trilobe shape of alumina carrier brings higher external surface that is exposed to feed per volume unit of bed to guarantee a better access of mercury towards particle core and a lower feed pressure drop through the reactor bed.
  • Higher mercury trapping capacity per volume thanks to the optimization of porous network geometry, and enhanced dispersibility of active phase 10-fold higher compared to former generation of mercury guard bed
  • Very robust material which can be operated in front-end configuration inside the Natural gas processing scheme without any cementation problem:  i.e. upstream the dryers in saturated conditions at high operating pressure, as close as possible to the production wells.

Catalyst Management: Axens can assist with the disposal of spent AxTrap 291.

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