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Uhde’s Morphylane® technology for narrow boiling range aromatics cut extraction is available through the ParamaX® Alliance.Morphylane technology has imposed itself as the industry standard for this application. It employs the concept of extractive distillation where a solvent is used to modify the relative vapor pressures of various hydrocarbons in such a way that Aromatics can be separated from non-Aromatics by simple distillation.

  • Compact and cost-effective design is the key characteristic of Morphylane technology that uses a reduced number of pieces of equipment compared to other technologies.
  • Cost effective recovery and high purity aromatics is achieved owing to a carefully selected solvent: NFM is a non-corrosive material, thermally and chemically stable. No other chemical needs to be injected in the process which contributes to the ease of operation.
  • Divided wall technology has recently been applied to the Extractive distillation concept, providing for further reduction of investment and operating costs.


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