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Select. Hydroisom. 2-Butene Max

A specific catalyst, LD 267 R, developed by Axens, is used for this hydroisomerization application.

LD 267 R is a ready-to-use palladium-based catalyst and no pretreatment is needed. This industrially proven catalyst performs an extremely high 1-butene isomerization function. That is, a 2-butenes to 1-butene ratio of over 13. The n-butenes recovery is typically higher than 98% and isobutene recovery is almost 100%. The effluent from the hydroisomerization unit can be sent to a distillation column that separates an isobutene-rich cut from the 2-butenes-rich cut.

Since 1978, Axens has acquired an unrivaled experience in hydrogenation processes for steam cracker C4 streams, with more than forty references.


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