11th Edition of the FCC Forum 13.05.2015

The 11th edition of the FCC Forum was held in April, in Barcelona, Spain. This three-day conference was dedicated to the Fluid Catalytic Cracking technology, or FCC, offered by FCC Alliance members: Axens, Technip, IFPEN and Total. Just like for its previous editions, the organization of the forum was jointly run by Axens and Technip teams.

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Fluid catalytic cracking: the most experienced licensor

FCC technology goes way back: it was originally invented by French engineer Eugene Houdry in 1928 to produce gasoline, and has continuously evolved since then to produce more olefins, from heavier feedstocks.



The FCC Alliance was created in 1977, and has since proved its worth in terms of operating performance, profitability, as well as on-stream reliability. More than 60 units are relying on this license today. Besides, more than 250 revamp projects were led by the Alliance to upgrade existing units.

In 2015, the FCC Alliance is stronger than ever, with the arrival of a new generation of engineers and the presentation of a brand new official logo.

FCC Alliance


Looking forward

The future-focused agenda of the 2015 FCC Forum stressed talents, technologies and excellence, and gathered more than 190 attendees to discuss the various topics surrounding the Fluid Catalytic Cracking technology, like Axens’ Hyvahl process or Prime-G+™ technology.


FCC Forum


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