Axens, a “Happy Trainees” Labeled Company 04.11.2015

Last month, Axens proudly received a Happy Trainees label after its interns and apprentices completed an independent survey provided by

Happy Trainees, an independent survey

The Happy Trainees survey is an independent project led by, aiming at rating companies on the quality of their proposed internships and apprenticeships.
Axens Happy Trainees label
In 2015, a panel of companies was anonymously evaluated by their interns and apprentices. The Happy Trainees survey includes 22 questions about the various aspects of a student’s mission. Trainees are asked about the skills they acquired during their corporate experience, their commitment, the quality of the management, the work environment of the company, etc.
Only 89 companies, out of 950, obtained a Happy Trainees label this year. Axens is all the more proud to be one of them as it was its first participation in the survey.

Beyond the label

Axens obtained a global score of 4.04/5 with a strong participation rate. Also, more than 80% of the interns and apprentices recommended Axens, highlighting the company’s good working environment, the advanced technical requirements of their missions and acquired skills.

Axens Happy Trainees label

What do you like MOST about your company? “The atmosphere conviviality on one hand, and advanced technical aspects in various fields on the other”

The analysis of the survey results is also a good tool for Axens to gain better understanding of the trainees’ expectations, and keep improving its Human Resources policy.
Last month, Axens’ blog published an interview of Marylynn, an in-house Communication Department apprentice. The next interview will be with Igor, a future engineer and trainee at Axens. Stay tuned!
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