India Seminar 2016: Producing Fuel Components & Petrochemicals for the Next Decade 12.12.2016

The Axens India Seminar 2016 focusing on “Technologies for producing fuel components & petrochemicals for the next decade” was held on October 20th in Mumbai, India.


The seminar drew a large number participants from all major companies to discuss the key topics for the Indian Refining & Petrochemicals markets.


Addressing India’s future clean fuels demand

This full day seminar was dedicated to Indian future demand of clean fuel, and showcasing Axens technologies for producing fuel components and petrochemicals for the next decade.

The technical session began with Axens’ smart licensing solutions for optimizing Bharat Stage VI gasoline pool.

It was followed by discussion of latest hydroprocessing catalyst- Impulse™ and reforming catalyst Symphony™.


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The post lunch session focused on the conversion of crudes and biomass into fuels and petrochemicals. It commenced with presentation about H-Oil Suite, the Axens’ hydrocracking ebullated bed technology for the conversion of residues.

Then Axens’ offer for FCC technology was discussed, and the session ended with the knowledge sharing of Prime-G+, the benchmark technology for FCC gasoline selective desulfurization.

Axens Prime-G+

The last part of the seminar was devoted to refining & petrochemicals integration options, alpha-olefins production and offered a glimpse of the technologies that will shape the future for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Technical session ended with Prosernat’s offers of modular construction combined with Axens’ technology.

All the presentations were highly appreciated by clients and many interactive discussions took place during the Q&A sessions. Axens clients, partners and technology experts continued their discussions over a cocktail and closed the day on a friendly note.

A 2.0 seminar

This was the very first time that Axens launched a seminar dedicated interactive application. The audience found it really useful as they were able to register, ask questions to the speakers, participate in the Quiz & submit their feedbacks.

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Besides, Axens deployed a large social media coverage, on Twitter and LinkedIn mainly. To keep the participants engaged and motivated, a gift winning Live Tweet was also organized which was highly appreciated by the clients.

The tweets about the event are to be found on the gallery below:

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