Axens India Seminar 2017 14.12.2017

Once again, Axens India said ‘adieu’ to last year with its annual Indian seminar, focusing on “delivering profitable technologies to fuel sustainable growth.” The 2017 edition was held on Thursday, 7th December, in the capital city of India, New Delhi.
Axens India Seminar 2017 Banner
This full day conference saw its commencement at 10:00 am, with a welcome address by Axens Marketing Director Eric Benazzi, witnessing 170 participants from almost all major engineering, refining and petrochemical companies in the country!
Axens India Seminar Presentations
Presentations were made on subjects of global importance, talking about clean and sustainable fuel productions, to ways of achieving higher profitability via refining and petrochemical integration.
Continuous interactions and knowledge sharing sessions were made by our experts on Axens Trademark Technologies, like ImpulseTM and CrakenTM – the two new names in the industry of Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking catalyst that has changed the way of processing difficult feedstock.
Mention was also made about Axens’ H-Oil® technology, a process that uses ebullated-bed hydrocracking technology to convert heavy feedstock residues (Atmospheric and Vacuum Residue) with high metals, sulfur, nitrogen, asphaltenes and solid contents. Response of our clients to Axens technologies has been something that keeps us motivated, always!
While sharing views on the global ongoing discussions pertaining to alternative fuels, Axens introduced its participants to its integrated cellulosic ethanol production technology – Futurol™ that aims to reduce dependence on petroleum sources, and hence lower the greenhouse gas emissions with its sustainable solution.
To make the seminar more interactive and to enhance the discussions between participants and speakers, Axens came up with a dedicated mobile based application, to facilitate live Q&A and a highly interactive quiz session!
Q&A Sessions
After the long day of knowledge sharing sessions, the evening called for a networking time, music and fun activities, over a cocktail dinner!
Cocktail Gala Dinner
Let’s re-live the best moments of Axens India Seminar on our Twitter account and stay tuned for the next edition!

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