Axens Mercury Seminar 2019 in Scotland 29.10.2019

Following the previous Axens Mercury seminars in Thailand, Vietnam and Australia, Axens organized its 2019 Mercury Seminar in Aberdeen, Scotland, on 24th September.

Seminar venue: The Mercure manor

Seminar venue: The Mercure manor

This was the first time that Axens organized a Mercury Seminar outside from South East Asia Pacific area. Indeed, mercury is also present in the natural gas from North Europe and is a major concern due to its toxicity, equipment corrosion, catalyst poisoning, environmental and health issues.

Thus, mercury removal solutions are required in offshore and onshore gas processing facilities in North Europe and especially around the North Sea. Most of the main actors of the gas market of the North Sea are based in Aberdeen. The seminar was the opportunity for Axens to expose its expertise, as a major player in this field.


The Seminar started with a global outlook of the market, before introducing mercury removal solutions illustrated with case studies from industrial units in operation and related technical services.

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Axens’ partners were also invited to expose their offer and their experience. They showed their best practices for on-site mercury analyzes. Some specialists shared their expertise in handling, logistics and retreatment of mercury-contaminated wastes.

Then, Axens experts presented a portfolio for natural gas purification at large and all of the technologies proposed by Axens for gas treatment and purification.

Finally, the seminar ended on Axens’ products range for contamination or troubleshooting.

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