Ax’In 2016, Welcome on board! 17.04.2016

Ax’In, the integration program for Axens’ new employees based outside of France, held its latest session in March 2016 in Rueil-Malmaison.

A busy schedule

Ax’In participants, coming from 7 different subsidiaries, shared trainings and portfolio reviews with their head office colleagues. This session was a great opportunity for the newcomers to learn more about Axens Technologies, Products and Markets, and about Axens values and actors.

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This integration program is also the perfect way for newly hired employees to understand Axens dimension as a group, as well as to share their experience of the subsidiaries’ market specificities with their head office colleagues and the Salindres’ plant teams.
Ax'In 2016

This time spent at the head office was also the occasion of a special lunch with Axens Chairman & CEO Jean Sentenac, and of several coffee meetings with Axens Directors.


A unique experience

Now that they are back to their respective offices around the world, Ax’In 2016 participants are unanimous: this session was truly useful to better understand Axens’ organization and businesses, and to grasp the Group’s challenges of tomorrow.
One thing is striking when listening to the participants testimonies: they all highlight the importance of the bonds created during these few days.

“I loved how Ax’In program was designed in general to help people from subsidiaries understand better the whole organization business and operation. And it really did make me feel that I’m part of this big Axens family.”

Kimberly Kor,
Technical Services Engineer
Axens South East Asia

“One of the most enjoyable parts of the experience was being able to meet members of Axens from all over the world. Getting to interact with people from almost every office in Axens was a very unique opportunity.”

Christopher Riley,
Process Engineer
Axens North America, Princeton site

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