Boost profitability with EquiFlow reactor internals 10.01.2018

In today’s complex environment, refineries and petrochemical plants around the world need advanced solutions to reach operational excellence.
In units featuring fixed-bed reac­tors, the use of high-efficiency reactor inter­nals are essential to help achieve this goal.

The video presents the main advantages of EquiFlow® reactor Internals. Jean-Luc Nocca, Axens Executive Vice-President – Catalysts and Adsorbents – Former CTO, focuses on the Hy-Quench-XM™, the latest reactor internal developed by Axens, in a short interview:


Internals are key-components to maximize reactor performance.

To this extent, we are excited about our latest development around our EquiFlow® reactor internals, especially the compact design of our quenching device, the Hy-Quench-XM™.

Hy-Quench-XM™ helps free-up catalyst volume in an existing vessel or minimizes height for a new reactor, all of that, while improving the mixing efficiency.

The Hy-Quench design is the result of extensive R&D work using cutting-edge techniques such as: Tomography to precisely measure liquid and gas distribution throughout the catalytic bed ; cold-flow mock-ups to test various internals under similar hydraulic conditions ; and Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling to help screen potential configurations, validate and optimize the final design.
Please, check-it out! We are convinced you will like what you see!

Last but not least, the Hy-Quench-XM™ design incorporates our extensive industrial feedback around reactor internals to ensure safety, reliability, flexibility and accessibility for easy installation and maintenance.

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