First Axens PolyFuel® unit successfully started up at Petrobrazi refinery 18.07.2019

After four years of teamwork for project development and execution, the new PolyFuel® unit at Petrobrazi refinery was started-up and is fully functional since April 2019. Based on the PolyFuel® technology licensed by Axens, the OMV Petrom’s project at Petrobrazi refinery enables to increase the FCC products value by upgrading LPG and Light Cracked Naphtha into high quality fuels.


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“The PolyFuel® unit of Petrobrazi refinery is the first of its kind valorizing C4 and C5 / C6 fractions into high quality gasoline and middle distillates, increasing the overall production of these products” said Bruno Domergue, Axens Clean Fuels, Bio, Olefins and Gas business line Director.

PolyFuel® unit at Petrobrazi refinery – Courtesy of OMV Petrom

PolyFuel® unit at Petrobrazi refinery – Courtesy of OMV Petrom

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