HappyAtWork, a New Label for Axens! 26.06.2017

HappyAtWork is the first European participatory employer label. It rewards excellence in employee management and motivation. Axens has been selected by to participate this year.

Label HappyAtWork for Starters 2017

After obtaining in 2015 and 2016 the “Happy Trainees” label (a label for the best companies to complete an apprenticeship/internship in), Axens received the 2017 “HappyAtWork for Starters” accreditation  enabling the company to participate to the “best company for starting a career” rankings.

Over 3,000 organizations were assessed by their teams via surveys and Axens scored 4.27/5 positioning it in fourth place in the official rankings whose results have been published last June 21th 2017. For more details report to Echos Start and on site.

The survey targeted newly hired employees (less than 3 years) under the age of 28. With a high level of participation, the employees reviewed their first steps in their professional careers at Axens, assessing their experience in 6 areas:

–              professional development
–              stimulating environment
–              management
–              salary and recognition
–              pride
–              pleasure

Verbatim HappyAtWork 1

“92.3% of Axens employees feel like they are improving and Learning”

The new recruits at Axens unanimously appreciated the working atmosphere, the dynamism of the business, the mutual assistance within the departments, the time given to learning, the onboarding program and cordial welcome from staff on their arrival…

Verbatim HappyAtWork 2

“84.0% of Axens employees enjoy doing their job”

The accreditation in this 100% digital survey is based on the overall score (min 3.8/5) and recommendation (>60%). With these good results, Axens stands out over 3,300 companies assessed and is proud to obtain the HappyAtWork for Starters label which demonstrates the company’s efforts in welcoming and integrating its young employees.

So, if you want to find out what life at work is like for Axens employees, just follow our news live on the Twitter #WorkingAtAxens feed!


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