One year of partnership with the French association “Elles bougent”! 07.09.2018

Since spring 2017, Axens has joined Elles Bougent as a partner. This French association, whose name translates into “Girls on the move”, was created in 2006. The main goal of this association is to invite young women to consider the possibility of having a scientific and technological career, as it is a choice they often overlook. To that end, they are offered the opportunity to meet and discuss with women that are engineers and technicians.

Hard at work in promoting its cause, Elles Bougent holds more than 200 events each year in France. The common purpose of every event is to generate a dialog and increase new vocations among young students through the enthusiastic testimonials of its 3,000 woman sponsors.

That is why, on November 23, 2017, Axens women engineers were invited to participate for the first time in the 5th edition of the Women in Engineering Day.

This national day is organized by Elles Bougent and the UPSTI Science and Technology Institute in many middle and high schools in France. It aims to raise the awareness of girl students on scientific and technological careers through testimonials of female engineers and technicians.

Around ten Axens engineers met with young girl students from different schools in the Ile-de-France region and in Belgium in order to present their career path and profession.
As expected, the dialog is at the forefront of these meetings: the importance of providing answers through testimonials is crucial to break down all prejudices and assumptions… and for promoting vocations.

The feedback from our engineers was unanimous: the experience is rewarding, both in terms of meeting with students and exchanging with the other engineers and technicians participating in the event.

“Engaging in our profession with passion” is part of the Axens DNA. And this is what it’s all about: finding the right words to describe one’s career and share one’s passion to (sometimes very) young students. It is also a genuine opportunity to take a step back from our daily tasks.
Lastly, what could be a better leitmotiv than to become a source of inspiration, and help young students at a crucial point in their life!

This partnership is part of Axens commitment toward promoting greater gender diversity: there is no doubt that the coming years will bring more actions together with Elles Bougent!

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