Axens’ Trainees: Let’s Meet Marylynn! 25.08.2015

Each and every year, Axens welcomes and trains around 70 interns and apprentices. Succeed Together Blog’s post of the day is dedicated to Marylynn, one of Axens’ 2015 apprentice.

Many thanks to her for sharing her experience!



Marylynn has been working as a Communications Assistant Apprentice at Axens’ In-House Communications Department since September 2014.


What are your main tasks at Axens?

My mission at Axens is mainly to relay information from Axens management towards employees, wherever they are, in France or in Axens subsidiaries. To reach these goals, I contribute in creating communication tools (presentations, visuals, newsletters) or updating information on Axens portal, slideshows, “welcome pack” for new employees, etc. I also participate in the organization of events like annual parties, charity races or setting up actions such as the Happymeter survey, a global consultation to evaluate Axens employees’ satisfaction. Finally, I am also in charge of distributing Axens goodies to employees.

It is all about motivating and bringing together all the co-workers to embrace the same corporate culture.


What did you learn from this working experience?

I specifically developed my expertise in graphic design via the different PAO software I use every day, and I also improved my editorial skills.

More generally, I better understood the importance and the issues of In-House Communications in an international company. I also developed a certain versatility needed for the job. I’ve learned to mix intelligently creativity and diligence, aesthetic considerations and practical competences. At last, I had the opportunity to practice my English, which is very important for my future career.


How is Axens different from your other work experiences?

Before Axens, I never had the opportunity to work in a big company. All my previous experiences took place in small communication agencies where everything is different. To fulfill my mission, I learned to adopt the state of mind an Axens employee would have, and not a customer, or a potential client like I did when working in a communication agency.

Once I understood that, I discovered many other ways to think, to work, and to communicate.


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