Meet a Process Licensing Technologist at Axens! 26.01.2018

How is it working as a Process Licensing Technologist at Axens? From the preparation of technical proposals for new projects or revamps around the world to the promotion of Axens most innovative technologies, Dimitrios Dendroulakis presents his job in a 2”40 video!

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As a Technologist, I am responsible for the preparation of technical proposals for Process Licensing projects and I am the Technology representative of my company in my area of expertise.

One of my main tasks involves responding to Process Licensing tenders for new projects or revamps.
Striving for excellence is part of our core values and I apply this to my everyday work by providing technology solutions that permit to our Clients to maximize profits for their projects. This is achieved through team effort.

Colleagues from other departments all contribute to ensure that the latest and most innovative products make part of our offer. Energy efficiency is one of our key priorities and we take special care to implement it from the early stages of our designs.

Once a proposal is submitted, clarification meetings take place with the Client’s representatives. I participate in those meetings in order to present our Technology and illustrate how responds to Client’s needs. I also participate in Client visits, seminars and other marketing events to promote Axens Technologies.

Innovation is part of Axens’ DNA and I work alongside our parent company IFP Energies Nouvelles. Being in close contact with refiners all over the world gives me the opportunity to give feedback that can be used to better steer our R&D efforts towards our Clients’ needs.

My position is multidimensional: there are technical, R&D and marketing aspects that make my everyday work interesting.
As an engineer, I find the process of exploring the best and most innovative technical solution for a project a stimulating and creative experience. Then convincing the Client that this solution is the best for them is a challenge that I find particularly engaging.

The vast majority of our Clients are outside France and discovering different cultures through my work is something that I appreciate. Working in Axens is like being part of an international community.

Our parent company is a research organization, and it feels good knowing that my efforts contribute to the development of new and sustainable technologies for a future with cleaner energy.

There are several career development opportunities in front of me. I can join the Sales team for a less technical and more business-oriented role. Another option is becoming manager of a Technology Team or an Expert in a specific process.
There are also expatriation possibilities and I could join one of our offices around the world.

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