Meet a Technical Services Engineer at Axens! 07.08.2019

How is it working as a Technical Services Engineer at Axens? From project commissioning to unit start-up, Yvon Bernard presents his job in a 2”30 video!

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“My job consists in verifying the Axens specifications versus the refining unit, and to start it up.

A start-up project is split into two different phases: a commissioning one and a start-up phase.

During the commissioning phase, my team and I verify the drawings versus the Axens specification for the equipment and the P&ID.
Then after, we will go on site and check physically what has been built compared to Axens specification.
Before the start-up, we’ll prepare procedures and then via meetings with the client,
we will explain all the steps.

When start-up begins, we will be in the control room with the operators and client engineers to give operating instructions.
When the unit is started up, we will collect the data and the laboratory analyses, and then we will check the performance of the unit versus the Axens specification and propose to the client optimizations.

Since I spend most of my time on site, one of my priorities is to make sure that Axens safety standards are applied.

What I like most about my job is the opportunity to work on site and abroad most of the year.
For example, I worked for a few weeks in Indonesia and now I am working for many months
in Kazakhstan.

The technical aspect of my job is very interesting because daily the questions are never the same. I can deal with mechanics, process engineering, thermodynamics, rotating machines and so on.
I really like to be in front of the client, which means a lot of autonomy, but I still keep in contact with Headquarters in case I need it.

Within the technical assistance department the expected evolution is to become a chief start-up advisor. After, it’s possible to work on a more technical job as an expert or to be closer to the client.

I decided to join Axens because it’s an international company with human size. Everyday I get to work with people from Portugal, Spain, Argentina, China, and so on.”

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