Meet a Process Design Engineer at Axens! 29.09.2017

How is it working as a Process Design Engineer at Axens? From process books conception to project management, Anne-Sophie Lecompte presents her job in a 2”30 video!

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As a process design engineer, I help put together process books used to build refinery or petrochemical units around the world.

My work varies by projects.

If I’m acting as a project engineer, I’ll help put together the process book. We hold a launch meeting with the client to outline the framework and aims.
Next, we run a simulation to test the unit, predict how it will behave.This simulation allows us to draw up specifications and plans.
We hold multiple meetings with the client to finalise the process book.

If I’m acting as project manager, I’ll be managing the project, handling schedules, dividing up tasks between the various engineers.
Client communication and relations are important here, I’m on-hand to answer any questions.

I love the highly technical aspect of what I do, the very process-orientated nature of it.

Our clients are scattered around the globe,it’s very international and requires lots of cultural adaptation to tackle things differently, and that’s something I really enjoy.

I love working as part of a team.

The job comes with lots of opportunities: I can stay in the same department and take on more responsibilities on bigger projects, or I can change process family and switch to another business line, or move into different fields, such as technical proposals or start-up.

I chose Axens because there’s a fantastic work atmosphere: it’s a vibrant, young, dynamic company on a human scale, where innovation is prioritised and we work proactively to optimise our processes.

That’s why I joined the company.

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