Renewed Success for the Axens Seminar in Russia 10.06.2016

The 2016 edition of the Axens pre-BBTC seminar was held on April 19 in Moscow in preparation for the 11th annual Russia and CIS Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference.

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The seminar, which was also conducted in Russian, brought together more than 70 participants. This great attendance highlights the significant need for information, idea exchange and networking among the stakeholders in the region. To this effect, one of the objectives was to present the entire Axens offer concerning the conversion of residue, as well as the technologies required to obtain the finished products based on Russian market specifications.


Séminaire Pre BBTC


Mr Fabien Lundy, Sales Department Director of Axens Process Licensing presents the Axens Highlights of 2015

Mr Fabien Lundy, Sales Department Director of Axens Process Licensing presents the Axens Highlights of 2015

A highly anticipated event

This half-day seminar focusing on the bottom-of-the-barrel theme was in line with news from the zone on the latest Russian legislation that strongly encourages the use of conversion units.

Main innovation this year: Presentation of the new Axens offer, H-Oil® Suite, which provides further capabilities in terms of residue conversion. The presentation featured many specific case studies.

Axens’ solutions for hydrotreatment (Prime-D™ ), for treating increasingly resistant gasoil and for meeting strict specifications, e.g., in terms of cold flow properties, or density reduction and improvement of cetane were also presented and discussed.

There were many questions asked during the event, which is a testament to the Russian refiners’ keen interest in residue conversion technologies and services.


A place for exchanging ideas and networking

The seminar began with a welcome luncheon and a coffee break was slotted in the afternoon to provide participants with the opportunity for a break and interactions.

Networking lunch


The 2016 edition of the seminar has once again proven to be an important meeting between Axens and operators/refiners in the zone, with regard to bottom-of-the-barrel valorization.



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  1. Colin Chapman - 20 June 2016 at 18 h 12 min

    I would like to thank Axens for holding this Seminar in Conjunction with EPC’s BBTC Conference.
    Having such Seminars allows Licensors to present in much more detail their latest technology solutions to the local delegates which is always much appreciated by them.

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