Team Spirit in the Spotlight at Axens North America! 15.03.2017

A new Committee of Volunteers has been created last year at Axens North America subsidiary, to the benefit of the employees.

Team Spirit at Axens North America

The Employee Involvement Team (EIT) is composed of dedicated managers and employees, from Axens Houston, Princeton, O’Fallon and Willow Island sites, fully committed to building better relationships and ensuring a positive workplace and lifestyle balance for all employees.

These employees volunteer their time each month to discuss the promotion of positive interaction within the company and to provide employees with various opportunities to socialize, such as after-work activities or health and community-related events.

In 2016, EIT members organized a day working at the Houston Food Bank, a painting class at Pinot’s Palette Princeton, a dinner cruise between Willow Island colleagues, or a family picnic at the Houston Zoo.

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Because quality of working life is a significant challenge, the Employee Involvement Team also created a Health and Wellness Day, including a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation training with the American Red Cross and a stretching lesson, at Houston’s Office.

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Health fairs and discounted gym memberships were offered to all employees to promote a healthy work environment. As far as sport is concerned, some members of the Axens family participated to both softball and baseball games in Princeton!

Philanthropic involvement has also been lighted up by the contribution to the Houston Food Bank or the participation in a Career Fair at Willow Island.

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Last but not least, to embrace diversity within Axens, several Potlucks (meals where everyone brings a dish to share) took place, like luncheon Potluck at Princeton’s office or Employee Rodeo Potluck at Houston’s office, to celebrate the office’s 1st annual French Day (with French specialities!).

The EIT goals are likely to develop a culture of collective enjoyment and at the same time to strengthen relationships between the employees and make them feel even better on their workplace.

Let’s congratulate our American colleagues for all these “Employee Involvement Team” initiatives!

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