Axens’ Trainees: Let’s Meet Igor! 22.12.2015

Each and every year, Axens welcomes and trains around 70 interns and apprentices. Succeed Together Blog’s post of the day is dedicated to Igor, one of Axens’ interns in 2015.

Many thanks to him for sharing his experience!

Trainee at Axens - Igor

Igor worked as an intern engineer from February to August 2015 at Axens’ Technology Development & Innovation Division.

What are your main tasks at Axens?

I’m working as a trainee in kinetic models for the Prime-G+ technology. This industrial process consists in producing cleaner fuels by purification of gasoline from sulfur, while preserving its properties. This is a way to decrease the fuel impact on the environment, which is one of the crucial worldwide problems of the 21st century.

So my main tasks include collecting and analyzing technical information with my colleagues from Rueil and Houston. It is indeed important to acquire robust data to be able to compare model projection to industrial and pilot test results, in order to further improve the model.
What did you learn from this working experience?

First, it was a gain of high-technical and organizational experience. I also improved my French and English (I am from Russia), and broadened my horizons, thanks to my manager’s constant attention and help.
But it’s not only the technical aspects that enriched me as a future engineer: I am also continuously learning on the personal level.
Why? How is Axens different from your other work experiences?

In my opinion, Axens has excellent working conditions, including pleasant offices and a cafeteria where I can share a meal and ideas with numerous interns, with experienced and open minded colleagues from different departments, and even with members of Axens’ Executive Committee! You can even take your breakfast at Axens, if you run out of time with your professional and social student busy life!

I also appreciated the good balance between my work days at Axens, and my free time during evenings and weekends. Furthermore, Axens itself is not limited to working activities. For example, I was invited to integrate Axens running team. Together, we won the IFPEN Cross.

I’ve never met all of the above mentioned points in the same workplace!
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