TW’In: A Women’s Professional Network for Axens 02.10.2017

Created at the initiative of several Axens employees, TW’In is a women’s professional network. Its main task is to promote greater gender diversity at all levels of the company in order to increase performance and contribute to better personal fulfilment.


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Gender diversity at the heart of the TW’In network

The TW’In (Together Women are Inspired) network, which has been approved by the company’s Management, also receives the general support of the Human Resources Department to raise awareness among all Axens employees on gender diversity issues and benefits in our company.


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As gender diversity is at the heart of the network’s mission, men are clearly part of this initiative that is designed to foster a transversal approach at Axens. Since the launch, TW’In counts 77 members, 20% of whom are men.

The new network has also entrusted itself with the goal of developing self-confidence in order to tackle new challenges in the company and allowing the transmission of knowledge via mentoring.


TW’In values

In line with this trust-based spirit, any information exchanged within the framework of TW’In activities is confidential and free of any hierarchical links.

The members commit themselves to observing the 5 values that are the foundation of TW’In and which inject dynamism into the network: optimism, openness, sharing, goodwill and commitment.


Immediate success at the network’s inaugural event

To achieve its goals of encouraging exchanges and sharing skills, the TW’In network intents to organize regular events in the form of brainstorming workshops, informative conferences or breakfast meetings.

At the launch of TW’In on June 27 this year, a consultant from Diafora consulting firm, Véronique Préaux-Cobti, was the keynote speaker at a conference-workshop involving an interactive simulation session based on the following topic: “Gender diversity in the company: the network, an essential driver”, which was a great success.


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Approximately sixty people attended the meeting, with an even representation of men and women serving at highly varied hierarchical positions. In addition, the presentation led to numerous questions which helped to break down several a priori and resulted in highly constructive discussions.

There is no doubt that the creation of such a professional network might also be undertaken in the other entities and subsidiaries of the Axens Group.


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