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Why choose to be on social media? Why create a blog? Why name the blog succeed together? Axens CEO Jean Sentenac presents Axens Blog in three questions.


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Why choose to be on Social Media?

Axens is an international company providing technologies, products and services to the refining, petrochemical, gas and alternative fuels markets. Our ambition is to provide sustainable and economically efficient solutions to produce cleaner fuels and chemical intermediates from oil and any other source of carbon, including bio-resources.

Our daily activities imply working with clients all over the world, to meet experts during conferences and seminars. Every day, we learn from our exchanges with our stakeholders and this expertise is one of the strongest asset we have.

During this new era of digital communication, being on Twitter, or on LinkedIn, is crucial to facilitate and strengthen these interactions with our clients, partners, our employees, or any other actor on the market.

Why create a blog?

We chose to go further by creating a blog as an additional way to pursue the dialogue, and keep an open mind. We use it like an online magazine to share our insight on our industry as an alternative to Axens’ corporate website.

In its “Axens Insight” section, Axens blog provides information and analysis on relevant issues related to the oil and gas sector and the whole energy industry.

The blog also displays Axens’ latest news and events’ reviews on its “Axens InLive” section.

Last but not least, the “Axens Inside” section of the blog is a window on Axens’ culture as a company.

Why name the blog “Succeed Together”?

Succeed Together is the way we look at our business: success can only be achieved by working closely with our clients, our partners, and all our stakeholders and by having highly committed and passionate teams on board.


Welcome to Axens blog.

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