Working at Axens: 3 Questions to Stéphanie Parisse-Faux 27.06.2016

From Axens corporate culture to career development prospects, Axens’ Executive Vice President & In-House Communications Stéphanie Parisse-Faux answers 3 questions in an exclusive interview.


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What can you say about the Axens corporate culture?
One of the greatest strengths we have at Axens is our commitment and passion for our profession and the jobs we do. An engineer said to me one day: “When you join Axens, you are struck by one thing : when you meet other people here their eyes light up when they start talking about their work”.
Axens is a company where success is everyone’s business: the company’s success first and foremost, but also the success of our teams and, of course, our clients who are a core concern. We work in a spirit of partnership, sharing and listening. And it is this spirit that has enabled us to undertake highly collaborative major projects including the marketing of ParamaX®, a set of technologies for the production of paraxylene, and the FCC Alliance for the development and marketing of conversion technologies using catalytic cracking.

What types of candidate profiles are you looking to hire at Axens?
Our clients are present in some hundred or so countries. Our desire to maintain lasting relations with them has resulted in the creation of 10 subsidiaries on 3 continents. For this reason we are looking to hire employees with an international background. Over 35 different nationalities are represented at Axens!
For our core business functions, the engineers we hire work on complex technologies and design solutions that meet the challenges of energy transition. Obviously their technical skills are indisputable and what they bring to the company goes well beyond this. The men and women we hire all share the desire to invent and build tomorrow’s world and to transmit the passion of their profession.
Along with these experienced candidate profiles, we also hire young graduates who we will train in our sector-specific businesses.

What about career development prospects within Axens?
While the capital of our company is industrial, it is first and foremost human.
One of the priorities of the Human Resources team is to encourage each individual to develop throughout his or her career.
Axens is a company on a human scale that has been growing constantly since its creation, offering opportunities that change over time.
This means our growth has created new careers, closer to our clients, for our international teams. Our core business engineers have the possibility of moving towards more salesoriented functions, to evolve in a more managerial role or to opt for expertise.
We also support our employees in their skills development: 80% receive training each year.
Finally, Axens works closely with its parent company, IFP Energies nouvelles, on projects to develop alternative fuels and bio-refineries. The skills of our engineers in Oil & Gas cutting-edge technology are able to adapt to the demands of these future technologies.

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