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Dragon Aromatics to Build New Aromatics Complex

FEBRUARY 20 - 2007
Dragon Aromatics to Build New Aromatics Complex

Dragon aromatics based in Xiamen, China has finalized a technology license agreement for a ParamaX® aromatics complex with Axens (Rueil-Malmaison, France). The new plant is designed to maximize the production of paraxylene for a polyester chips and fiber production.

The complex is expected to be completed in two-stages. The first stage, expected to start-up in 2009, is designed to produce over 1.0 million tons per year (tpy) of high purity aromatics components: 800,000 tpy of paraxylene, 160,000 tpy of orthoxylene, and 228,000 tpy of benzene.

The ParamaX technologies included in the complex are:

  •  Naphtha hydrotreating – feedstock purification
  •   aromizing ™ – mixed aromatics production
  •   Eluxyl® –  paraxylene purification
  •   Oparis™ –  C8 aromatics isomerization (xylenes and ethylbenzene)
  •   TransPlus – aromatics transalkylation

In a second stage, the addition of an EluMXSM metaxylene production unit is planned.
ParamaX designates a suite of technologies for the production of benzene and paraxylene from naphtha. Axens and ExxonMobil Chemical have entered into an Alliance to provide paraxylene production technologies for grassroots paraxylene complexes around the world.

Paraxylene is the principal feedstock in the polyester production chain. Polyester is used in the fiber and resin industries to make a large array of diversified products. Benzene is the starting block of a large set of polymeric materials such as nylon fibers, polystyrene for plastic packaging, polycarbonates for impact resistant glass substitutes and compact disks. Orthoxylene is a component for making plasticizers and for resins in the paints, coating and auto parts industries. The demand growth rates for these building block components are expected to be sustained by the growth in Asian economies. Metaxylene is used in the production of copolymer resins.

Aromizing, Eluxyl, EluMX, Oparis and ParamaX are proprietary commercial names of Axens; TransPlus is a proprietary process name of ExxonMobil Corporation.

Dragon Aromatics
Dragon Aromatics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., located in the Haicang Industrial Zone in Xiamen, China, is a foreign investment enterprise, approved by the Xiamen City Government and by the Ministry of Commerce.

ExxonMobil Chemical
The term "ExxonMobil Chemical" refers collectively to some or all of the companies affiliated with ExxonMobil Corporation which have chemical manufacturing and/or marketing operations around the world.