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IOCL Selects Axens' Coker Gas Oil Hydrotreating Technology

SEPTEMBER 6 - 2010
IOCL Selects Axens' Coker Gas Oil Hydrotreating Te

IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Ltd) has chosen Axens to supply the technology for its Coker Gas Oil (CGO) Hydrotreating Unit at its Haldia Refinery.


With a design capacity of 1.4 million tons-per-annum (MTPA), the new unit will hydro-process light coker gas oil, heavy coker gas oil and coker naphtha. In addition, the unit will be able to process straight run gas oil and straight run vacuum gas oil. In view of the complexity of the feed, the design of this unit will be the first of its kind at IOCL.

IOCL's Haldia refinery currently has a 7.5 MTPA crude oil capacity. After the expansion, the unit will be producing Euro-III and Euro-IV grade gasoline and diesel.



IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Ltd)
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd,, is a premier Public Sector organization involved in the refining, transportation and marketing of the Crude Oil and Petroleum Products. The company operates 10 refineries with a total capacity of over 60 million tons a year. Haldia is its only coastal refinery and caters to the demand of eastern India.