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Natural Gas Processing

By merging Axens Solutions’ products portfolio with Prosernat gas treatment technologies portfolio, Axens Solutions possesses all the treatment, purification and drying technologies necessary for the production of purified natural gas that meets the specifications for natural gas end users, including the tightest specifications required as the feedstock for Liquefied Natural Gas ( LNG) processes.

For all main processing areas, as shown below, between well-head to export pipeline or inlet of liquefaction unit, Axens Solutions offers a complete range of fit for purposed licensed technologies and/or specialty products. Those technologies are being offered together with a complete range of associated services/equipment supply:

  • Feasibility, conceptual studies
  • Technology selection, basic design
  • Supply of proprietary equipment items / complete modularized units
  • Supply of  catalysts  and  adsorbents  with associated engineering support
  • Technical assistance for training, start-up, operation, troubleshooting / revamping.

​Axens Solutions' gas treatment portfolio is completed by the following technologies:

› Natural Gas Liquids (NGL’s) treatment technologies as may be required before sale of the liquid hydrocarbons recovered from gas streams.

› Axens Gasel Technology Suite enables the production of ultra-clean liquid fuels (GTL), notably jet fuel and diesel, through the conversion of synthesis gas (H2+CO) from natural gas.

› The DMX™ process, a patented process stemming from IFPEN’s Research and to be marketed by Axens, is a second-generation process using a solvent that reduces the energy intensity consumption for carbon capture by nearly 30% as compared to the MEA (Mono ethanol amine) reference process. Download the Commercial Bulletin to find out more.