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NGL Recovery

Axens Solutions can propose several solutions for NGL recovery / HC dew pointing purpose: Joule Thomson, Mechanical refrigeration (mainly propane based), simultaneous HC and water dew pointing with MEG hydrate inhibitor and simultaneous HC and water dew point with Methanol hydrate inhibitor (Ifpexol™ / Ifpex-1 process).

Process Principle

Axens Solutions offers a wide range of refrigeration units (from several kW up to several megawatts). Screw or centrifugal compressors can be selected depending on refrigerant flowrate and pressure. Optimized architecture with different type of economizer is chosen to minimize compressor power. Hydrate formation in cooling process can be avoided by inspection of hydrates inhibitors, MEG or MeOH, then easily recovered:

  • MEG Cold Process performs both water and HC dew pointing. The unit consists of heat exchangers, a chiller combined with a mechanical refrigeration loop and a low temperature separator (LTS). The lean MEG is injected in front of heat exchangers and chiller to prevent hydrate formation. The rich MEG is then recovered in the LTS and the water is removed in a MEG regeneration unit.
  • The Ifpex-1 is a patented technology of simultaneous dehydration and Hydrocarbon dew point control. Methanol is regenerated from the cold decanted water by stripping.

Industrial Reference

C2C3 - Refrigeration Package - Egypt

Technology Selection

Key Benefits

MEG Cold Process

  • Water and HC dew pointing performed in the same unit
  • Simple and proven process

Mechanical Refrigeration Package

  • No pressure loss compared to JT or Turbo-expander processes
  • Simple and proven process

Ifpexol™ / Ifpex-1 process

  • Over 99.9% stripping effectiveness with raw gases at pressures as high as 100 bar.
  • Water dew point as low as -80°C.
  • Adequate mass transfer contact between methanol-water liquid stream and stripping vapor stream.
  • No hydrate formation or icing concerns (Methanol is recirculated as an hydrate inhibitor and antifreeze agent).
  • No venting, no need for external heat, no dangerous waste streams.

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