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HR 616

  • Description: High HDS activity
  • Characteristics: CoMo, Al2O3 
  • Shape:  Multilobe Extrudate


HR 616 is a recently-developed CoMo type catalyst, used for the hydro desulfurization and hydrotreatment of diesel, kerosene and naphtha fractions.

HR 616 provides very high hydrodesulfurization activity, specifically under demanding services such as ULSD service, owing to optimized carrier texture and formulation that also provides to the catalyst an exceptional stability.

In addition, HR 616 is regenerated using classic ex-situ techniques with no need for expensive, time consuming chemical reactivation. Therefore, HR 616 presents a unique combination of high activity, high stability and cost effective life cycle, which makes it a very attractive catalyst for ultra deep hydrodesulfurization.

HR 616 is most often used in conjunction with one or several of Axens HR Series CoMo or NiMo type catalysts, when other combined goals are required.

HR 616 is delivered under oxide form and is sulfided by injection of sulfiding agents.

HR 616 is available with an extrudate diameter of 1.6 mm.

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