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HRK 658

  • Description: Hydrocracking - Hydrocracking pretreatment catalyst & high HDN activity
  • Characteristics: NiMo, Al2O3 
  • Shape: Multilobe Extrudates



HRK 658 is one of Axens' options for hydrocracking pretreatment.  HRK 658 will achieve deep level of nitrogen removal and aromatic saturation in order to ahieve the optimum performance of Axens HDK and HYK series hydrocracking catalysts.  HRK 658 can be use in stand alone configuration or, for maximum activity, in combination with HRK 1148 Impulse.  HRK 658 is one of the most robust catalyst of its type.  HRK 658 is also fully regenerable through inexpensive one-stage coke burning.

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