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Proserpack compact integrated heat exchanger – separator simplifies NGL recovery by implementing 3 process steps (2 heat exchangers and the turbo-expander suction drum) in a single equipment item. The replacement of the shell & tubes heat exchangers in the cold process (and also upstream scrubber in case of turbo-expander cold process) by the Proserpack technology is implemented to save weight, improve layout and NGL recovery.

Process Principle

Proserpack is the combination of the cold process heat exchangers, gas/gas and gas/condensate, in the same shell, welded plates heat exchanger from Alfa Laval Packinox. Proserpack is a patented design of Alfa Laval Packinox, sold exclusively by Axens Solutions under agreement with Alfa Laval. 3 process steps in a single equipment item:

  • PACKINOX multi fluid plate heat exchanger
  • All welded leak free stainless steel plate bundle
  • Bundle enclosed within separator vessel

Process Scheme

A Proven Technology

  • A new concept using only well-known equipments
  • 2 units under operation on offshore platforms since 1999
  • For all liquid hydrocarbon recovery applications

Key benefits

  • Footprint reduction
  • Cold process unit weight and cost decrease (one equipment instead of three)
  • Condensate recovery enhancement (the heat exchanger pinch is reduced, so the turbo-expander inlet temperature is lower)
  • Piping, connections, controls are reduced
  • CAPEX savings of 30 - 50% (not including savings linked to weight / footprint reductions).
  • Low pressure drops
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Higher efficiency and reduced OPEX
  • Footprint similar to a single separator
    • footprint reductions of 60% and more
    • weight -20 to -30% lighter

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