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  • Oil Refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gases
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Water


TransPlussm is ExxonMobil's toluene/C9+ aromatics transalkylation technology which was co-developed with the Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC) of Taiwan. The first industrial unit was put on stream in June 1997 in CPC’s petrochemical plant in Lin-yuan where an existing transalkylation unit was retrofitted with the TransPlus process.

The TransPlus process utilizes a proprietary catalyst that has superior yield performance. This is achieved with a careful catalyst design that maximizes desirable reactions such as disproportionation, transalkylation and dealkylation and minimizes undesirable side reactions. In addition, TransPlus has the advantage of low capital and operating costs due to more favorable operating conditions relative to competitor processes, which result from the more robust nature of the catalyst.

  • Feedstock flexibility Long cycle length
  • Benzene co-product purity
  • Low H2/HC mole ratio and higher weight hourly space velocity

Considering the structure of present and future aromatics plants, TransPlus is due to take a growing share of the C8 aromatics production to feed the xylenes loop. TransPlus performance and versatility shall definitely be a key to competitive plant operation.


 TransPlus is part of the Paramax® suite of aromatics technologies


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