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Cleanol™ is the result of Axens Solutions experience and know-how with those two technologies: Glycol units & Sulphur production units (Claus). Cleanol™ is an efficient process which allows environment preserving, reduced energy consumption, high glycol regeneration performances.

Operating Principle

A combustion chamber integrated with a Glycol Reboiler

  • Effluents combustion from regenaration column
  • Use of steams from combustion chamber to provide the heat required by the glycol reboiler
  • Use of the balloon flash gas as stripping gas
  • The hydrocarbons needed to produce the heat required by the reboiler are used first for glycol stripping

Process Scheme

Performances & Key Benefits

  • Reboiler operating at 198°C instead of 204°C
  • Skin temperature of lower tubes is below 210°C
  • Regeneration column head system & torch are removed
  • The Lower Calorific Power of effluents to burn is more stable
  • Homogeneous temperature in the combustion chamber (no chimney effect)
  • Combustion efficiency
  • Complete assembly of the package in a workshop
  • No liquid effluent
  • « Clean » gaseous effluent (CO2 and H2O only)
  • Fuel gas saving
  • Operation flexibility
  • Reduced glycol degradation risk
  • No flue between combustion chamber and reboiler


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