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Progly™ is a glycol dehydration process very similar to a conventional TriEthylene Glycol (TEG) unit. The main improvement of this technology is the vacuum operating mode of the distillation column. Thanks to the minimal number of additional equipments specifically required by Progly™ compared to conventional glycol units, the process has easily been implemented on existing glycol units, at minimal cost and with no shutdown time.

Process Principle

Progly™ is similar to a conventional TriEthylene Glycol (TEG) unit with the main following change : the stripping column is replaced by a flashing drum that operates under partial vacuum, in order to perform deep regeneration of the TEG. The arrangement of the unit allows to operate only few equipments under vacuum: as per a conventional unit, the reboiler and the still column operate under positive pressure.

Process Scheme


Key Benefits

Same benefits as a conventional TEG dehydration unit, plus:

  • No requirement for stripping gas
  • Vacuum system enables glycol purities up to 99.7% wt
  • Small volume under vacuum reducing pumping cost and vacuum system size

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