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Training on Simulators

During the course, the participants run a simulated unit as if it were a real one!
They have access to realistic DCS views, similar to that of their own unit.
As in a real plant, they are able to act on and modify many parameters.
The analytical views illustrate the consequences of their actions on product quality and process performance.

This kind of trainings will allow your staff to:

  • Have a better understanding of each parameter’s influence
  • Learn how to react to different situations
  • Confirm that they are able to operate the unit

Duration: The duration of this training course depends on the complexity of the process. It can vary from two days to up to five days.
The content and duration of the course can be adapted to suit the level and knowledge of the participants.

Attendance: This course is aimed at unit process engineers, unit technical managers, shift leaders and boardmen.  Skilled outside operators may also attend to improve their knowledge of the process.

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