Where is Training on Simulators-PG+ used?

Oil RefiningOil Refining

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Training on Simulators - Prime-G+

Prime-G+ Training Simulator  is a static simulator.

During a simulator session, trainees learn how the Prime-G+ unit works: 

  • Identify key factors, limiting parameters, optimization of sulfur/octane ratio.
  • See what happens when parameters are modified: temperatures, flowrates, hydrogen excess, catalyst activity, reboiling ratio, feed sulfur-content, feed olefins or diolefins content, H2/HC…

Two day session led by two Axens Solutions instructors:

  • Day 1: The course begins with familiarization with the simulation tool. Then, attendees modify the parameters to discover the consequences of operating parameter changes in hands-on exercises that are backed-up with documentation provided by Axens Solutions.
  • Day 2: The objective of the day is to use the simulator as a tool in troubleshooting and to react to new scenarios. Up to ten industrial case-studies of off-spec product will be submitted to the trainees; their role is to find the source of the problem and to make the appropriate changes in operating conditions to bring the product back within specifications.

prime g+ simulator prime g+ simulator

prime g+ simulator