Where is Training on Simulators-CCR used?

Oil RefiningOil Refining


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Training on Simulators - CCR

CCR Training simulator is a dynamic simulator that allows the simulation of transient operations.

During a simulator session, trainees learn how to run a Octanizing or aromizing unit:

  • Observe the effects of modifying catalyst circulation flowrate, regenerator or reactors temperatures, regenerator oxygen content in burning / calcination / oxychlorination zones, feed key contents proportions, catalyst activity, etc.
  • See the impact of low coke content on Regenerator operation, re-establish proper operation.
  • Learn how to obtain an optimized catalyst circulation through the PDIC and FIC lifts, how to restart a circulation that has stopped, how the transfer of catalyst in the regenerator section is carried out, etc.
  • Specific case studies can be generated on customer demand.

simulator ccr 01

simulator ccr 02