Where is Training on Simulators-Benfree used?

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Training on Simulators - Benfree

Benfree Training Simulator is a static simulator.

During a simulator session, trainees learn how the Benfree unit works: 

  • Observe the effects of modifying temperatures, feed, diluent or drawn flowrates, H2/HC ratio, catalyst activity, reboiling ratio, benzene or C4 in feed, etc.
  • Troubleshooting / cases studies: determine what happened and the actions necessary to solve the issue.
  • Specific case studies can be generated on Client demand.

Two-day session led by two Axens instructors:

  • Day 1: The course begins with familiarization with the simulation tool. Then, attendees modify the parameters to discover the consequences of operating parameter changes in hands-on exercises that are backed-up with documentation provided by Axens.
  • Day 2: The objective of the day is to use the simulator as a tool in troubleshooting and to react to new scenarios. Up to ten industrial case-studies will be submitted to the trainees; their role is to find the cause of problems and to make the appropriate changes in operating conditions to bring the product back within specifications or to improve the unit’s operation.

benfree simulator benfree simulator

benfree simulator