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The target of Axens Solutions' HyDeWax™ process is to achieve, from lube oil Bases, the requirements of pour point and stability for Motor Oils productthrough a totally integrated hydro- isomerization and hydrofinishing process.

For the hydro-isomerization reactions, new generation of shape selective molecular sieve catalysts allow to selectively isomerize Normal Paraffins molecules into primary Isoparaffins molecules while minimizing side hydrocracking reactions. Since Isoparaffin molecules have high VI, low pour points and excellent resistance to oxidation and, because HyDeWax™ preserves optimally the advancement of hydro-isomerization reactions, HyDeWax™ produces higher product VI with higher yields than other dewaxing processes.

For the hydrofinishing reactions, polar compounds (Nitrogenate, oxygenate, unsaturated, ...), responsible for both brown color in lubes and unstability, are hydrogenated through an advanced high hydrogenation Noble Metal catalyst.

Merits of Axens Solutions' process are as follows:

  • Higher product VI with very low Pour Point,
  • Higher yields than other dewaxing process,
  • Lower investment and operating cost than other dewaxing process,
  • Integrated process into a single unit,
  • Possibility to process Wax Feedstocks,
  • Possibility to produce Medicinal White Oil.

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