India Seminar: Mastering Innovative Technologies to Fuel Growth 08.12.2015

The Axens sales seminar, “Mastering Innovative Technologies to Fuel Growth,” was held on October 7 in New Delhi, attended by the French ambassador to India, François Richier.
The seminar drew more than 180 participants from some 50 companies, including 35 clients and 20 partners, to discuss two key topics for the Indian refining and petrochemical markets.
Axens India Seminar

This forward-looking seminar first addressed the issue of investments by petrochemical complexes and refineries in converting the bottom of the barrel, paraxylene production complexes, and unit revamps.
The second part focused on the best solutions for boosting the profitability of existing sites. The agenda covered: Axens’ offerings in diesel hydrotreating catalysts, gasoline production technologies compliant with the Bharat V specifications, adsorbents for petrochemicals, and services to improve refining margins.
Axens India Seminar - A Javidi
The discussion with participants during the Q&A sessions was extremely rich and relevant, with more than 150 questions collected. The presentation on ebullated bed technology for converting the bottom of the barrel (H-Oil®) was of particular interest to the Indian audience.
Axens clients, partners, and experts continued their discussions over a cocktail, closing the working day on a friendly note.
Axens India Seminar - Cocktail
The next Axens seminar in India is already scheduled for 2016 in Mumbai.
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