MiRO & Axens Celebrate Twenty Years of Close Partnership Around Prime-G+® Technology

Twenty years ago, at the dawn of the new millennium, MiRO (Karlsruhe, Germany) was the first end-user to select the new Axens Prime-G+® technology to produce ultra-low sulfur gasoline. Both companies, fully committed towards cleaner fuels production, entered as pioneers in the stringent world of Euro V standards by producing 10 ppm sulfur gasoline well ahead of mandatory regulations.

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Prime-G+ cracked naphtha selective desulfurization

Axens Announces a Price Increase for its Catalysts and Adsorbents

Several market factors such as energy and transportation costs along with challenges in the availability and costs of raw materials have significantly increased Axens’ manufacturing costs.

Axens is Pleased to Announce the Launch of the New P/PR 200 Series in the Symphony® Catalysts Family

Building on over 120 years of cumulative experience in Catalytic Reforming, established on the success of the Symphony® P/PR 100 Series (P 152, PR 150 & PR 156), Axens is pleased to announce the commercialization of the new P/PR 200 Series in the Symphony® family.

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Reforming catalysts

Plastic Energy and Axens announce a Strategic Collaboration in the Field of Advanced Recycling of Plastic Waste

Plastic Energy and Axens have announced the signing of a strategic collaboration agreement in the field of advanced recycling of plastics, to increase recycling and decrease plastic waste.

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Axens Selected for the CO2 Dehydration Package of the CO2 Sequestration and Export Facilities Project at Ras Laffan, Qatar

After a worldwide competitive bidding process, Axens was selected by Qatargas-appointed EPC contractor Medgulf Construction Company to provide a new Tri-ethylene Glycol (TEG) dehydration unit for integration into the CO2 Sequestration and Export Facilities Project at Ras Laffan, Qatar.

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