Axens Americas, encompassing the United States, Latin America, and Canada, is an international technology, engineering, and catalyst provider in the field of refining, petrochemicals, gas processing and alternative fuels.

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Major Regional Markets: Refining, Petrochemicals, Gas & Renewables

Axens Americas’ activities include technology licensing, process engineering, catalysts and adsorbents sales and manufacturing with the associated services for these activities. These support functions include technical services, digital monitoring, supply chain management, combined revamp planning and execution.

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Chemical Recycling Conference 2022

Taking place this month on March 29-30, 2022 at the Hilton Houston Post Oak by the Galleria, Houston, Texas, Chemical Recycling Conference allows you to understand the current market for advanced recycling in North America, the impact on your business, and connect with key players in the industry.


David Schwalje
North American Renewables Business Development Manager
Pinceton office

Working at Axens Americas

Seeking Excellence in Problem Solvers and Innovators

Because of the high technicality and versatility of our work, our employees are and will remain our most important asset. Our distributed team resolves the world’s energy challenges and develop new ideas, technology, and products to meet the needs of the future.   

Our employees enjoy access to career opportunities in dynamic fields and industries and stay with us for the congenial and affable environment. 

As a result of our extensive worldwide network, Axens offers numerous opportunities for career growth in our affiliate offices. 

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Axens Canada Specialty Aluminas Inc. Regulatory Documents

Total Particulate Matter - Plan Summary

.PDF — 114.88 Ko
April 29 2021

Total Particulate Matter - Certification

.PDF — 24.64 Ko
April 29 2021

Total Particulate Matter - 2020 annual report

.PDF — 234.53 Ko
April 29 2021

Particulate Matter ≤ 10µm - Plan Summary

.PDF — 22.75 Ko
April 29 2021

Particulate Matter ≤ 10µm - Certification

.PDF — 22.75 Ko
April 29 2021

Particulate Matter ≤ 10µm - 2020 annual report

.PDF — 244.41 Ko
April 29 2021

Particulate Matter ≤ 2.5µm - Plan Summary

.PDF — 112.79 Ko
April 29 2021

Particulate Matter ≤ 2.5µm - Certification

.PDF — 24.28 Ko
April 29 2021

Particulate Matter ≤ 2.5µm - 2020 annual report

.PDF — 239.79 Ko
April 29 2021

In accordance with Ontario Regulation 455/09 (`Toxics Reduction Act`) Axens Canada Specialty Aluminas Inc. hereabove posts the Toxic Reduction Plan Certification, Summary and Accounting Summary for toxic substances used or created at the Brockville Manufacturing Facility.

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