Axens has a strong implementation in the Middle East thanks to its Axens Middle East (AME) subsidiary located in Bahrain and its catalyst manufacturing plant Axens Catalyst Arabia Ltd (ACAL) located in KSA. 

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Offices & Production Sites


Dedicated Technical Assistance Team


Axens technologies and solutions are present in most of all refinery and petrochemical sites located in the Middle East.

Axens Middle East (AME)

A large scope of activities and a dedicated Technical Assistance Team

  • Scope of activities

    The scope of AME subsidiary activities is the following:  

    • Sales of technologies, catalysts, adsorbents, associated equipment and training 
    • Technical Assistance Hub providing technical services to all Axens Licensees or non-Licensees using Axens Catalysts & Adsorbents 
  • AME Technical Assistance Hub Team

    AME Technical Assistance Hub Team consists of highly skilled staff able to support key process segments: 

    • Gasoline and Aromatics production 
    • HydroProcessing & Conversion  
    • Selective hydrogenation & FCC Gasoline desulfurization (Prime-G+® ) 
    • Adsorbents & Claus 

    AME Technical Assistance Hub provides Axens Licensees with easy and quick access to Axens high quality technical services, thanks to its proximity leading to better reactivity and more frequent visits to operating sites, strengthening the relationships between Axens and End Users by a close and long-term follow-up of their units. 

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - UTC+4
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MEScon, takes place in United Arab Emirates, from 20 to 23 May2024 and is devoted to networking, thought leadership, innovation and best practice operations across the entire sour gas and sulphur value chain. With the region’s prominence in the global sulphur industry, MEScon is the place where the sulphur and sour gas community meet to discuss and debate the key strategic themes that are driving the industry.


Johann Le-Touze
Lead Technology Engineer, Technology & Technical Support Business Division Low Carbon Solutions and Gas

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