Mercury Removal Adsorbents Mercury removal from gas and liquid hydrocarbons streams

Mercury removal from hydrocarbons is crucial due to HSE-related issues, corrosion problems and downstream catalyst poisoning. It is a challenge commonly faced in natural gas processing plants, oil refineries, petrochemical industry and power plants. The standard adsorption mechanism is a chemical reaction between mercury and active sulfur included in the adsorbent active phase, leading to the most stable solid form called cinnabar (HgS). This is a non-regenerative process with an irreversible mercury capture.

Nowadays, mercury is removed ideally in the up-front position of the process, which implies the need of high capacitive adsorbents, resistant to severe operating conditions.


Axens Offer

AxTrap™ materials are completely suitable for achieving very low outlet mercury specifications (such as the one required for gas liquefaction) both at the up-front location and on high mercury concentration feedstocks.

AxTrap™ 200 Series include a complete range of non-regenerative and ready-to-use adsorbents dedicated to mercury removal which can be loaded safely under air.


Design2Disposal (D2D™) and Sorbotest™

Thanks to an extended experience in mercury removal Axens proposes the Design to Disposal (D2D™), an all-inclusive mercury removal integrated offer covering different studies and services such as feed mercury analyses, pilot tests including on site Sorbotest™, process design package, skid-mounted units, performances follow-up, modelling and predictions, technical assistance, spent product analysis and appropriate disposal.

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