Drying Series Adsorbents

Water removal applications are widely encountered in the industry sector. Activated alumina and molecular sieves stand at the forefront of the several different materials available on the market.

The substantial chemical and physical resistance of alumina, its regenerability and its high capacity for retaining water are among the reasons for its widespread acceptance.


Axens’ Experience and Offer

Axens’ family tree in the manufacture of activated alumina took root fifty years ago at Salindres, France. This site also hosted the first aluminum production plant in France in the mid-nineteenth century. This long-term know-how enables Axens to offer a selection of top-notch alumina-based products covering practically all gas and liquid dehydration applications.

Molecular sieves, either alone or in combination with alumina, also provide very high water pick-up capacity, even at low partial pressures. Molecular sieves help reaching very stringent specifications required for some applications, such as natural gas liquefaction. Selective drying, preventing co-adsorption of acid compounds such as hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide, can also be accomplished by using adapted molecular sieves.

Axens AxSorb® drying adsorbents exceptional properties ensure the highest performance and safest operating conditions for dehydration.

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