Modular Units A smart execution strategy for your project

A modularization strategy offers superior benefits versus on-site manufacturing. During the last 40 years, Axens has supplied over 500 modular units, both onshore and offshore, providing tailor-made designs according to client project specifications.

Axens Modularisation

The purpose of modularization is to deliver a complete prefabricated modular process at the End-User's site in order to minimize site works. A Modular Unit is composed of several interconnected Pre-Assembled Unit (PAU) and large loose equipment.

Each PAU is composed by several transportable modules. The fabrication of these modules is performed in a workshop, or yard, remote from the final project site and equipped with suitable manufacturing facilities and qualified personnel. Before shipping, trial-assembly is performed to ensure the mechanical fit. At the same time, some pre-commissioning activities (instrument/elec/hydrotest…) are carried out. After de-assembly, modules are delivered by ship, truck or train and re-assembled on site.

The delivery of a Modular Unit is a key choice in the following contexts

  • Remote areas

    With shortage of qualified manpower, and lack of erection and construction resources (cranes, tools, warehouses, shops, etc)

  • Extreme climate

    Where work efficiency is greatly affected by seasonal weather,

  • Lack of labor quality and availability

  • Offshore sites

    Where on-site manufacturing is hardly possible and plot area optimization is compulsory

  • Existing plants

    Where on-going operations are an obstacle to safe on-site construction

  • Security concerns

    Places where letting site access open to workers and trucks is a security concern

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TotalEnergies Antwerp Refinery Off-Gas Project - A Modular Approach

Modular unit

Additional Services

Axens is dedicated to provide a wide range of value-added services including: technical assistance during modular unit reassembly on site, start-up & commissioning assistance, training, spare parts management, online remote monitoring, troubleshooting or revamping.

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