Equipment Supply

During decades of technology developments, Axens has acquired a deep expertise in mechanical design, instrumentation, automation to provide more innovation and benefits to its customers. Synergies between process and equipment maximize performance and long-term reliability.

The Equipment service offered is tailored to meet your specific needs, bringing you value in several areas, in particular to improve overall process performance, bring additional catalysts protection, or solve specific operating issues such as corrosion.

Equipment Supply Specifics

  • From grassroot to revamping projects

    Axens equipment solutions can be implemented for grassroot projects but also to improve and upgrade existing assets.

  • Fully integrated

    Axens way of delivering Equipment is fully integrated, from process expertise to procurement, fabrication supervision, transport, delivery, site installation, fine-tuning, and performances test to check guarantees achievement.

  • In-house experts

    For each step, Axens has in-house experts. For example, specifically for control systems, a team of automation specialists is in charge to design, software coding, build, and put in service the automation cubicle, always focusing on the key process requirements. 

  • Wide range of services

    Along with the Equipment supply, Axens also provide wide range of additional services: specific expertise, improvement studies, site surveys, spare parts, remote monitoring, etc.

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