Axens provides global turnkey solutions for Oil and Gas condensate treatment, supplying tailor made Desalter equipment. 


Axens combines desalting know-how with its Leading Expertise in Refining technology which provides to Axens’ Desalter a unique positioning in the Market


Axens Expertise: One supplier from Design to Services

Axens is in charge of the design, procurement, manufacturing, testing and delivery of the equipment, as well as spare parts, site services (from commissioning to start-up), training sessions.

Axens brings a continuous support during the lifetime of the equipment to support its customers (revamping, troubleshooting, operation optimization...)


Process and Product Description

Desalting combines 3 steps to achieve Salts removal: Injection of fresh clean water to wash crude oil, coalescence to promote droplet growth and separation by gravity.

Electrostatic desalters is the most versatile and effective technology. The electric field enhances water droplet coalescence, reducing residence time between the grids as well as the use of chemicals (demulsifer).

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