Selection of Axens Axtrap 283® for the "Made in France" Exhibition organized at the Elysée Palace on July 3rd and 4th, 2021

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Gas Dehydration & Purification


AxTrap 283®, one of the 350 products manufactured at the Axens plant in Salindres (Gard) has been selected for the "Made in France" Exhibition to be held at the Elysée Palace on July 3rd and 4th.

Axtrap 283® traps mercury in natural gas before it is supplied to end-consumers. Developed in 2015 along with IFP Energies nouvelles' research teams, its extremely high performance are recognized by the industry world leading companies and it is used in Australia, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Axens is proud to be associated with this event which celebrates French quality manufacturing. Axtrap 283® helps reduce the environmental footprint of energy worldwide. The Salindres Axens plant manufactures 35,000 tons per year of catalysts and adsorbents. Adsorbents traps pollutants or purify gases while catalysts accelerate reactions and reduce energy consumption. Both are used in the refining and purification of hydrocarbons, gases, plastics and biofuels. Today worldwide, 40% of low-sulfur gasoline (Euro VI standard, which significantly improves the environmental footprint of transportation), and 50% of SO2 capture and transformation into reusable sulfur, are made thanks to Axens technologies and products manufactured mainly in Salindres.

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