Chloride Removal Adsorbents Guard beds for total chloride removal

Chloride is important in both catalytic reforming and isomerization as it helps to maintain catalytic activity over time. However, as chloride is continuously fed into these units, it also has to exit.


Axens’ Offer and Benefits

The AxTrap™ Chloride Series are highly efficient ready-to-use guard bed adsorbents specifically designed for the removal of hydrogen chloride (HCl) and organic chloride (RCl) from both liquid and gas streams.

Key advantages:

  • Axens know-how on chloride management comes from its unique experience in catalytic reforming
  • AxTrap™ Chloride Series has 100+ references worldwide
  • AxTrap™ 860 and 867 have a proven track-record in the industry of being the most cost effective HCl adsorbent with high dynamic capacity and excellent mass transfer properties
  • AxTrap™ 813™ is best in class for organic chloride removal

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