Axens Sets the Pulse of the Hydroprocessing Industry

Axens completes the expansion of its Calvert City, Kentucky manufacturing plant to produce its industry leading Impulse™ hydroprocessing catalysts Series in North America. Impulse™ is a complete range of high performance Hydrotreating catalysts offering higher flexibility and maximum throughput allowing to process even more difficult feedstock with higher end boiling point and longer cycles.

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Craken™: Axens’ New Generation of High Performance Hydrocracking Catalysts

Craken™ Series, Axens’ latest generation of hydrocracking catalysts, displays required fuels production and product properties, extended long-term stability and cycle lengths. They cover a wide range of operating conditions and enable the adjustment of product yields, properties and qualities, while achieving the targeted activity.

Axens Takover Bid on Heurtey Petrochem: Results of the second period Offer

Following the reopening of the tender offer (the Offer) between January 16th and 27th, 2017, Axens now holds in concert with IFP Investissements, a total of 4,354,286 shares and 4,428,786 voting rights of Heurtey Petrochem, representing 88,6% of the share capital and 88.3% of the voting rights[1]. The settlement date of the Offer will take place on February 6th, 2017.

SOCAR Selects Axens AlphaButol® Technology for its GPC Project in Azerbaijan

Axens confirmed today the signature of an AlphaButol® technology licensing agreement with SOCAR for the production of high purity 1-Butene through ethylene dimerization.

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Axens Takover Bid on Heurtey Petrochem: Reopening of the Offer from January 16th to 27th, 2017

At the settlement date of the tender offer set on this day, Axens is holding, in concert with IFP Investissements a total of 4,144,659 shares and 4,219,159 voting rights of Heurtey Petrochem, representing 84.33% of the share capital and 83.55% of the voting rights.

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